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Wittnauer Mid-Century Manual-Wind Vintage Wristwatch

Wittnauer Mid-Century Manual-Wind Vintage Wristwatch

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Brand: Wittnauer

Model: Wittnauer Manual-Wind Tank Wristwatch

Approximate Year: Circa 1950s 

Dial: Matte Black Dial with applied Markers 

Movement: Mechanical Manual Wind. Caliber 73

Features: Beautiful Vintage Case and Faceted Acrylic Crystal  

Case: Rectangular 24mm W x 37mm LTL, 10KT Gold Filled

Strap: 20mm - NOS Vintage Black Lizard

Condition: OK, for its age as pictured. Scratches on the case.

Thoughts: This Wittnauer 1950s Manual Wind Vintage Wristwatch is a true icon of mid-20th-century watchmaking, embodying the elegance and precision of its era. Produced during a period when wristwatches were transitioning from being functional timekeepers to stylish accessories, this watch epitomizes that transformation. The manual wind movement inside reflects a time when mechanical watches were revered for their craftsmanship. The dial boasts a clean and minimalist design, with the distinctive Wittnauer logo gracing its face. This vintage Wittnauer watch captures the spirit of the 1950s, a time of post-war optimism and timeless style. Collectors and enthusiasts value these timepieces for their historical significance and enduring appeal, making them highly sought-after additions to any vintage watch collection. Owning a Wittnauer 1950s Manual Wind Vintage Wristwatch is like possessing a piece of that glamorous era, where watches were more than just instruments; they were symbols of sophistication and aspiration.

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