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Universal Geneve Polerouter Compax Automatic Wristwatch

Universal Geneve Polerouter Compax Automatic Wristwatch

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Brand: Universal Geneve

Model: Vintage Stainless Polerouter Compax Automatic

Approximate Year: Circa late 1960s 

Dial: Silver sunburst with steel indices 

Movement: Automatic 

Features: Manufacture automatic caliber UG 256 with sweep seconds 

Case: 32mm W x 36mm LTL, Round Stainless Steel 

Strap: 17mm - Universal Geneve Black Leather NOS

Condition: Good, as pictured. Light scratches on the case.

Thoughts: The Vintage Stainless Polerouter Compax Automatic wristwatch is a revered classic that embodies the timeless elegance and engineering excellence of the Universal Genève brand. Produced during the mid-20th century and celebrated for its distinctive design, impeccable craftsmanship, and sophisticated functionality. The stainless steel case exudes enduring charm and durability, showcasing a harmonious blend of form and function. What truly sets the Polerouter Compax apart is its exceptional automatic movement, renowned for its accuracy and reliability. The watch's simple dial and elegantly styled hands and markers make it a precise instrument and a stylish accessory. Collectors and watch enthusiasts hold the Vintage Stainless Polerouter Compax in high esteem for its historical significance and enduring appeal. Owning one of these timepieces is like possessing a piece of watchmaking history, a connection to the brand's legacy of precision and sophistication that continues to captivate collectors and connoisseurs of horology.

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