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Olma Manual-Wind Rose Vintage Wristwatch

Olma Manual-Wind Rose Vintage Wristwatch

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Brand: Olma

Model: Manual-Wind Vintage Wristwatch

Approximate Year: Circa 1940s 

Dial: Silver Dial with Rose Arabic numerals and markers

Movement: Manual wind 

Features: Beautiful vintage rose case and silver dial with sweep second hand 

Case: 33mm W x 40mm LTL, Round Gold Filled with steel back 

Strap: 18mm - Burgundy leather 

Condition: Good - Light scratches on the case.

Thoughts: Olma vintage watches hold a unique charm with their timeless and elegant designs, a hidden gem in the horological realm. These timepieces offer exceptional value with their exquisite Swiss craftsmanship. Often overlooked, Olma vintage watches possess a charm of their own, evoking nostalgia. Olma's lesser-known brand has adorned the wrists of discerning individuals, offering classic designs and craftsmanship that hold their timeless appeal. With attention to detail and precision, these vintage Swiss watches continue to enchant and delight, making them a cherished find for any watch enthusiast seeking a touch of history and elegance. 

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