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Jack Goldfarb Manual-Wind Vintage Wristwatch

Jack Goldfarb Manual-Wind Vintage Wristwatch

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Brand: Jack Goldfarb

Model: Vintage Manual-Wind Wristwatch

Approximate Year: Circa 1970s 

Dial: Silver with gilt markers 

Movement: Manual wind

Features: Beautiful round, simple vintage case and dial 

Case: 34mm W x 42mm LTL, Round Plaque

Strap: 18mm - Vintage Burgundy Lizard

Condition: OK, as pictured. Light scratches on the case.

Thoughts: This Jack Goldfarb Manual Wind Vintage Wristwatch is a unique and enigmatic timepiece shrouded in the mystique of its origins. While not a widely recognized brand, this watch carries a sense of intrigue and individuality. The manual-wind movement, indicative of a bygone era of watchmaking, speaks to the watch's craftsmanship and mechanical prowess. Its vintage charm is found in its design, with a dial that may bear the mark of its time, both in style and wear. Collectors and enthusiasts are drawn to watches like this for their rarity and the allure of discovering a hidden gem. Owning one of these timepieces is akin to owning a piece of watchmaking's undiscovered history, where the story behind the watch can be as fascinating as the watch itself, making it a cherished find for those with a penchant for horological treasures.

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