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Caravelle TV Dial Day Date Automatic Vintage Wristwatch

Caravelle TV Dial Day Date Automatic Vintage Wristwatch

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Brand: Caravelle

Model: Automatic Day/Date TV Dial Automatic Vintage Wristwatch

Approximate Year: Circa 1970s 

Dial: Beautiful original Blue Dial with applied markers and patina 

Movement: Mechanical Automatic Day Date 

Features: Retro brushed TV case with amazing blue dial

Case: Cushion TV 43mm W x 41mm LTL, Base Metal Case w/ Stainless Steel Back 

Strap: 17.5mm - Vintage NOS Brown Lizard 

Condition: OK, as pictured. Light scratches on the case.

Thoughts: Vintage Caravelle timepieces hold a special allure, offering a glimpse into the last century with their nostalgic charm and enduring craftsmanship. A lesser-known brand in the vintage watch market, Caravelle watches carry a unique appeal for collectors who appreciate hidden gems. These vintage treasures boast distinctive designs, capturing the essence of their respective eras and showcasing the artistry of bygone times. With their affordable luxury and timeless elegance, vintage Caravelle watches are a lasting testament to the brand's dedication to creating enduring and beautiful timepieces that continue to captivate vintage watch enthusiasts today.

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