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Bulova Accutron Vintage Silver Sunburst Dial Tuning Fork Wristwatch

Bulova Accutron Vintage Silver Sunburst Dial Tuning Fork Wristwatch

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Brand: Bulova Accutron

Model: Vintage Bulova Accutron Tuning Fork Wristwatch

Approximate Year: Circa 1970s 

Dial: Original Silver Sunburst Dial with Baton Markers and red details on markers and hands.  

Movement: Tuning Fork. Accutron Caliber: 2180

Features: Circa 1970s Tuning Fork

Case: 35mm W x 40mm LTL, Steel cushion shape

Strap: 18mm - Brown Lizard padded and stitched. 

Condition: Excellent. Very light scratches on the case.

Thoughts: This vintage Bulova Accutron with a Silver sunburst dial is a stunning timepiece that showcases the brand's innovation and design. The red details on the dial and hands is eye-catching, adding color to the watch's sleek, timeless look with minimalist hour markers. The watch's tuning fork movement is one of the unique movement designs of the era; the 1960s/70s technology uses a tiny tuning fork that vibrates at an incredibly high frequency, providing the watch with unparalleled accuracy and precision for the time. These original Bulova Accutrons are highly sought-after timepieces among collectors and watch enthusiasts. 

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